Combine Moving Indoor

The weather won't be a factor come combine time.

By: Scott Dahl
Published: 6/20/2017 5:00:34 PM

image The 40 yard dash will be an important event for players and GMs

The weather in August can be brutal. Even if it's a nice day it's 90 degree temperatures. In order to avoid the weather we're moving into the climate controlled Halfmoon Sportsplex. We're also spreading it across two days to give players another opportunity to make it. Saturday, August 5th from 7PM - 10PM will be day 1 and Sunday, August 6th from 9AM - 12 Noon will be day 2.

This is a good time to clear up some misconceptions about the combine. Players aren't required to attend or to participate in order to get drafted. If they're a known quantity and are confident they'll be drafted the only reason to participate would be for fun. The combine is really for the guys who aren't well known quantities and want to show coaches how they measure up. We would like for everyone to at least show up for an official weigh in and measurement for their player profile.

This is more costly than the outdoor combine so we're going to be auctioning off sponsorships to individual events starting Monday. If you know of any local businesses that might be interested in putting their name on an event please send them our way.

In addition to moving the combine indoor, we're having a registration event & skills competition on July 11th at the Halfmoon Sportsplex. Come out for a chance to win a free entry to the 2017 UFL. One free entry will be given to the best overall score and one for the best offensive lineman score. You must register or already be registered for our combine to enter.

To be clear, the July 11th event is not the combine, that is a separate event.

There will be a passing event, a flag grabbing event and either a 40 yard dash or a vertical leap event.

You can pay for your Fall 2017 UFL registration at this event as well. We accept cash, check, credit/debit & bitcoin.

Lastly - if you don't win the free entry via the skills competition and want to play for free, we'll be doing a 50/50 raffle. $10 per ticket, $5 from each ticket you sell goes towards your registration. You can get your raffle tickets at the event.

  • Players - sell 25 raffle tickets for a free entry
  • Linemen - sell 20 raffle tickets for a free entry.
  • Coaches - sell 15 raffle tickets for a free entry.

The drawing will occur August 6th at the completion of our combine.


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