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Uncle Vito gives us the odds straight from the Vegas oddsmakers.

By: Vito Ferrari
Published: 11/3/2017 2:41:45 PM

image Uncle Vito has all the inside connections

This is it folks, this one's for all the marbles. I know you're down for the year in the books, so make sure you double down on this one to break even, OK? We have 7-0 Onslaught Nation taking on 4-3 Polk High Sunday at 3:30 PM at McBride Fields in Mechanicville.

Make no mistake about it, Onslaught is the favorite here. 2 of Polk High's 3 losses came to Onslaught, both by two touchdowns. Although they were two score games, it was really only a handful of plays that made the difference in Onslaught winning both. The last meeting between these teams resulted in Onslaught's lowest scoring output of the regular season, and that was with CJ Tarver at QB. I attribute much of the low scoring output from Onslaught to newly acquired OL/DL Anth Paone reaking havok in the A gap. On the other side of that coin Polk High was shut out that game for the only time this season. Will Turner of Onslaught had a monster game racking up 6 sacks and 8 tackles at the LDE position and had Salih running for his life for much of the game. Both teams were missing offensive linemen for that matchup, which hopefully is not the case for the championship game. Suffice to say, line play will be a key factor in determining the winner on Sunday. Polk High will likely need to keep an extra blocker in to account for the extra rusher Onslaught likes to bring.

Both defenses will be looking to contain the opposing QB in the pocket as they can hurt you quick if they get into space with the ball in their hands. Another key matchup will be the Polk High secondary vs the Onslaught receiving corps. Onslaught's receiving corps is just plain nasty. I don't think I've ever seen a flag football team with as much talent at the WR position as this Onslaught team has. Polk High won't shut down this receiving corps but they have the ability to slow them down. If they can prevent the big play and force Onslaught to work their way down the field, they may be able to force some key turnovers.

The Polk High offense runs through Salih Banks. He's going to need one of his offensive weapons to take the weight off of him this game.

Onslaught wins if CJ plays a clean game and doesn't throw more than 1 INT. As great as he is, he does have a tendency to throw INT's and the Polk High secondary doesn't miss many opportunities. If CJ takes what the defense gives him, distributes the ball to his all-star wide receivers and picks up some rush yards when they're there, it should be enough to take home trophy.

Polk High wins if their offensive line can give Salih some time, John Koch reemerges as an offensive weapon and their ball hawking secondary forces some turnovers. Anth Paone will have to have a big game disrupting CJ Tarver from the middle to make it happen.

Line: Onslaught -8.5 vs. Polk High
Over/Under: 27.5
Take the under and the points for the parlay. This will be a defensive battle. Polk High will give Onslaught Nation a scare here, but at the end of the day Onslaught Nation will remain undefeated and will be Wicked Bowl Champions.
Prediction: Onslaught Nation 13 - Polk High 12


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